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P.Selvaraj – educationist

No Home Work Policy


 As per the CBSE circular dated 21 August 2018 Schools have been asked to implement the
instructions about no homework policy.
 It means NO WRITTEN HOME WORK to be given till grade II.
 The policy will be implemented from 13th June 2019.

Things to be followed

 Classwork Notebooks will be kept at school.
 Activity books like G.K, V.Ed, Art and Craft will be kept at school and shown only on PTM day.
 Each day two subject notebooks will be sent home for parent’s perusal/ revision, which have to be
submitted back to the respective class teacher the very next day.
 Additional books will be sent to the child if he/she has remained absent for a long time.

Role of the school/teachers

 Students will be encouraged to repack their bags on daily basis to avoid carrying unnecessary
articles, textbooks, workbooks that are not needed. Authorities may check school bags randomly to
ensure the proper weight of school bags.

Role of the Parents

 Students are often in the habit of storing things in their school bags, therefore regular cleaning of the
school bag is essential.
 The bag should be put on tightly to the student’s back, rather than hanging off their shoulders.
 Incomplete work in case of long absentees should be bought to the notice of the teacher.
 No Leave during assessment.
 Daily checking of sent Class work Notebook and keeping track of child’s academic and written
 Taking care of Revision.
 Downloading worksheets and doing the needful.
 Attending PTMs regularly.


 Worksheets will be uploaded biweekly for every subject in the Jain Heritage School’s Official
website. Parents are requested to regularly look up for the same.

Homework Notebooks

 To be kept at home always.
 School will give revision work [Orals Only].
 Daily two subjects Oral Revision work will be given.
 If parents want their kids to write and revise they can do.
 School will not correct HW Notebooks as they will be with parents only.
 Examinations paper will be based on Class work Book.