35 years of excellence administration
P.Selvaraj – educationist

About Us


We are delighted to welcome you on a journey of discovering about us finding the right school for your kid!

With the vision of bringing up WONDERKIDS,WONDER has laid its foundation in 2020 with belief that

Wonder school is situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats surrounded by hills and fields,vast space, well ventilated, pollution-free,aesthetically designed school infrastructure that satisfies the needs of the present world, helps WONDERKIDS to learn and enjoy their 14 WONDERFUL years at our campus.


  • Spacious classrooms with projectors
  • Comfortable and light weight furnitures in the classrooms
  • Library, 24/7 internet connection in computer lab
  • Latest technology multimedia systems, optical mouse
  • Networked environment, day care facilities
  • Transportation and spacious play grounds for various sports

Chairman’s Message

There is no better way to pay back to society than providing modern education.Here at Wonder school we tend to build a perspective of life.Our school proclaims a powerful vision for the future of young people and has a deep understanding of responsibility to motivate mould and shape their lives.Here we believe in learning by doing.Knowledge usually may not have value unless you put it in to practice.We believe in holistic education,which gives importance to practical learning.Wonder school has arranged tremendous facilities needed for present times and for future.
Smart class facilities along with library, individual labs,sports room and vast area of play ground surrounded by trees gives an enchanting atmosphere.Our intention is not only to unveil bookish knowledge but to cultivate and nurture good qualities like responsibility integrity honesty compassion and cherish love for the fellow beings.
Team spirit is nurtured in the minds of kids and we teach them to respect the elders and respect each other and handle every situation in life in an intelligent manner.We are lucky to have experienced as well as qualified staff and teachers to fulfill our mission.

Retd.Superintendent of Police

Vice-Chairman’s Message

When we started this institution all we wanted to give was priority to quality education and facilities offered here are on par with international level.Bit by bit we get in to the well being of our school.Here every child will be honored and every parent will be respected. A well experienced staff with all capabilities are waiting for the new academic year which will start on June 2020.By stepping in to Wonder School you are entering in to a world of uniqueness where each and every aspect of a child get nurtured and cherished.
Equal importance is given to character formation and maintenance of health.I heartily wish our students to be individuals of good morality,discipline,punctuality,and honesty.

Expecting a bright future for WONDER school


Our Secretary

WONDER School at wonder Nagar is a place for joyful co existence .We aim at producing not only intellectuals but also useful human beings of good character .We will pay special attention in providing stress free education and train them to be responsible global citizens.Our school is bestowed with facilities of an International school,Language lab,Mathematics Lab,Composite Lab Computer lab,Smart class facilities well experienced qualified and caring teachers who will surely be second parents to our students.
Co-Curricular activities like Karate,Skating along with sports and games like Basket ball,Cricket,Badminton,Volleyball to strengthen the body and minds of our children.We are marching towards fulfilling the expectation of parents and society by creating global leaders.Our endeavor has always been to train our children towards human excellence through four pillars
Wonder School will ideally be a second home for our students.We are always ready to listen to our parents and students and willing to pay attention to their suggestions.

Expecting your co-operation


Manager Message

I am so glad to welcome you to WONDER SCHOOL.A school is seldom fortunate like us to enjoy the confidence of educated and enlightened parents.Its our proud privilege to reciprocate the confidence by unveiling the latent talents in your child.WONDER SCHOOL aspires to emphasise on qualitative terms rather than exhibiting sheer magnitude.
Its essential to bring the thoughts,feelings and emotions of the child once gets united with the dynamic capabilities and skills of the teacher.
Learning achieves its zenith to success.Every child  is treated with care his or her right to learn  in a calm and quite atmosphere, blessed with tension free education is valued more than any thing else.Inorder to soar to the pinnacle of success an inseparable bond between the school,parents and teachers is indispensible.We will have to cooperate with one and only aim of doing our best for the child .Our lofty ideals should not degenerate in to mere play of words,so that our continued pursuit for excellence is unequivocally acknowledged. 

Looking forward to your continued support 

Dr.Selvi V

Our contributors

This is our dream come true moment and this wouldn’t be happening without support of our family who has been the backbone for establishing WONDER SCHOOL.With more than 35 years of experience in teaching and with the spirit to provide quality education WONDER has laid it’s foundation in 2020.










Our vision is to provide stimulating learning environment addressing the multiple intelligence and learning capabilities of students, embedding information technology orientation across the whole curriculum and teaching methodology for maximizing individual potential and enabling students of all ability levels to learn life skills to meet the dynamic challenges of education, work, and life opportunities ahead.


Our mission is to develop the young students with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, courage to act and achieve their goals based on their learning. We strive to understand the multiple learning needs of students and impart education to them to reach their full potential to acquire life skills to serve our society thereby enabling spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of all students.