35 years of excellence administration
P.Selvaraj – educationist

Annual Report


The twinkling stars of Wonder School are all geared with great excitement with joy and
enthusiasm.Let me wrap up all that we have achieved this academic year .Being a pandemic
year for the whole world but the students in Wonder School have enough participation in
through online classes. We conduct Classes , Activities, Assignment works,Inter school
competition ,Inter club activities through ICT. Inter school competitions like Essay
writing,Painting, Colouring,Drawing and Speech. Inter School Competition includes house
hold activities,Project,Assignment,Debate and so on.It includes helping our parents,taking
care of health being hygienic,safety precaution for COVID situation. Classes were taken in
regular periodical manner from KG to VII. Weekly test, Monthly evaluation,Terminal
Examination were conducted through online link in the presence of concerned Class
Teacher.After completing the examination ,it has been sent to the Class Teacher through
document scanner.The examination papers were submitted in the very next day to the
School. After evaluating the Answer sheets, Marks and Grade were informed to the parents
through ICT.
However , this Academic year is completely through ICT. Even then , the students of
Wonders School are participated in an enthusiastic manner and way to lead ahead.