35 years of excellence administration
P.Selvaraj – educationist


The faculty consists of well-qualified, trained and experiences teachers who have the right attitude and value system. They use creative methods of teaching. They also make learning a happy and memorable experience.

The teacher – student relationship is a most important bonding. Mutual respect, understanding are the foundation of this bond.

Parent – faculty interaction is encouraged to allow for monitoring and checking of the child’s progress.

Teachers who are dynamic, devoted, well – spoken, enthusiastic and dedicated to bring the best in every child may contact at 70105718578903929873


1Mr.B. Mahesh KrishnanPRINCIPALM.Sc., B.Ed
2Ms.S.ArunkumariTGTM.A., B.Ed.,
3Ms.L .RajalakshmiTGTM.Sc., B.Ed
4Ms.SahayaraniTGTM.Sc., B.Ed.,
5Mr.PuthumaiTGTM.Sc., B.Ed.,
6Ms.Pon AnushyaPRTB.Sc., B.Ed.,
7Ms.AnburosePRTB.A., Dt.Ed.,B.Ed.,
8Ms.KalpanaPRTB.Sc., B.Ed.,
9Ms.ArputhamaryTGTB.Sc., B.Ed.,
10Ms.KanthimathiPRTB.A., B.Ed.,
11Ms.LingapushpamTGTB.A., B.Ed.,
12Ms.ParameshwariPRTB.Sc., B.Ed.,
13Ms.Pon JulietTGTB.A., B.Ed.,
14Ms.Amirtha AngelPRTB.A.B.Ed
16Ms.N. ThangalakshmiPRTB.A, B.Ed
17Ms.Jeba Rose PRTB.A., B.Ed.,
18Ms.M.DhanusiyaPRTB.A., B.Ed.,
19Ms.S. Arul Selvi TGTB.Sc., B.Ed.,
20Ms.J. SimirinaPRTB.Sc., B.Ed.,
21Ms.K. Muthulakshmi PRTB.Sc., B.Ed.,
22Mr.Ravi ArumugamLIBRARIANM.Sc., BL., Sc.,
23Mr.VinothPETB.Sc., MPED.,
24Ms.Vathana KirubhaWELLNESSBSS Diploma
25Mr.Siva Perumal SPECIAL EDUCATORDiploma in Special Education