35 years of excellence administration
P.Selvaraj – educationist

Homework Committee


S.No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Mahesh Krishnan Principal
2 Ms. Arputha Mary Teacher(8)
3 Ms. Bhagyalakshmi Teacher(6-7)
4 Ms. Anbu Rose Teacher(5)
5 Ms. Lingapushpam Teacher(3,4)
6 Ms. Kalpana Teacher(1,2)
7 Ms. Vanthana Kirubha Counsellor
8 Mr. Siva Perumal Special educator

The committee has decided on the following policy guidelines to ensure the load of
homework is balanced –

 The word ‘homework’ is to be preferable called as ‘self work’ or ‘practise work’.
 The school follows a no homework policy for class I and II.
 A homework time table is prepared and students are assigned practise work in only
the dedicated subjects.
 Teachers have been advised to be creative while assigning homework to students of
class 3-5.
 For classes 6-8 teachers have been advised to suggest topics that lends itself to
exploratory learning for self-work. This will help promote problem solving and
critical thinking among the students.
 For class 9-10, homework to be given only for English, Math and Science.
 Parents have been encouraged to follow-up with their wards about the work assigned.